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Jun 6, 2007

Last Exit To Brooklyn

It's probably said countless times already, but it demands to be said again and again though. Not only is UGK & Outkast's jam, "International Players' Anthem" one of the best songs of the year, but it's one of the best rap videos in a while. Shit, it's one of the best videos in a very long time, period, end of story. Maybe it's the beat by reality TV superstars Juicy J & DJ Paul, which is beyond infectious or it's really good verses by everybody on the damn record. Hip Hop does not crank enough tunes like this one. Less "I don't want cake for my birthday, i want it every day," bad thinly coke metaphor stuff and more grown up tunes.

Speaking of grown ups, I assume that you've heard the new Beastie Boys album already. Have to admit that I like it; not in love with it, but then again, it's an album that you just hang out with. You put it on in the background while cleaning the house or while making a phone call where you explain to your friend that everything doesn't suck but it certainly feels as if everything thing does in fact suck. Music has gotten interesting lately just as long as we're not slaves to whatever the cool kids in Baltimore are into. Stay true and stay free.

Harry Knowles, personal friend of Eli Roth reviews Roth's new film. Wow, it's a positive review, what a shocker. I can see how some people get offended by the term, "tortue porn," because they're just making a scary movie. Then they could make a statement about the violence in films like Hostel Part 2 is no less graphic than say the violence in Miike's Audition or even to a lesser extent the classic horror genre films like say any of my beloved Argento films. The difference between a Suspiria and its graphic violence and let's say the first Hostel film's violence is that Argento makes his film look pretty. Roth, I don't know, his stuff is just ugly and not fun to look at. There's no artstic style to it. It's just for shocks and even then, it gets boring after a while. Also, I just think I have a problem with these types of film because well, over the last couple of months, I've seen the movie making process first hand and how hard it is to get something that's a good script turned into a movie. I dunno, it just bums me out that something Hostel Part 2 gets made in little over two years.

Then again, Bijou Phillips did the film, Eli's most mature work to date.

I'm trying to think of interesting things to write about without having to talk about how awesome "Rob & Big" is. It's a really good show. Well, one could talk about "On The Lot", but if you didn't go to film school or make backyard movies or work in the film industry, then who really gives a shit about the show? Some people are making interesting things, but it's mostly crap.


At 1:03 PM , Anonymous c-dice said...

i'm glad i didn't audition for on the lot. my mom pushed me. i think burnett is kinda evil.


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