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Jun 5, 2007

The Long and Winding Road Part 2

Granted, I'm not the most political kid out there. I do wear them on my shelve and one of the most attractive traits in a person can be a solid voting record. It should be a major question asked on the second date, but I degress. As much as America needs to make a change and will make a change next year, but isn't a way too earier for all of this campagining by both Republicans and Dems? Look at all those Democrats, sure I could ask, how many of them do you know other than Hilary and Obama, but more importantly, how many of them are actually going to make into the primaries next year? These guys are over hyping themselves like they were the anxious marketing team behind Transformers. It's not even the fact that it's too soon, have they given any thought to the fact that maybe around this time next year, things have the potential to be completely different. Although what are the chances that things in Iraq are going to get any better or Bush will actually throw a bone to the working class? So, there's a good chance that things will stay quite the same. But it's just too soon, man. Too soon. I mean all of the premature debates have the registar of voters already asking me if I could work the primaries in February of 2008. The only thing that I plan out far out in advance is where I go to lunch and that's usually at 11am. Why not make the big push and have even more debates in the fall.

A friend of mine has been asking me for the past couple of weeks to go LAX, but I've been like "Nah, I want to read my book," or "Nah, I want to watch "60 Minutes." Then another friend of mine is like LAX is awful; ugly people and dumb girls who want to take pictures of DJ AM dj'ing, but now, I'm not so sure cause it looks like you could sneake off into a corner and have a cooler party than the kids in the overpriced Supreme gear with too much early 90s nostalgia.

By the by, if we're in the midst of hipster early 90s nostalgia, are Zubaz pants going to come back? Isn't Jeremy Scott doing a similar thing with his gear? I mean I don't know much about fashion; I may wear a high end pair of Levi's, but it's still Levi's. How much longer until we see some story on the channel 11 news about an emerging underground scene with rich kids who are sorts of drugged up but you know they have a photo blog, so their irrational behavior is all apart of their artistic temperment but these kids are newsworthy cause they wear old school oakleys and zubaz pants and have affairs with fat Italian guys who work at auto body shops. If you're gonna claim 90s nostalgia as your beyotch, then go all the way with it.

Speaking of fat Italian guys, until Monday morning, I had been in a funk for nearly two weeks. I haven't been fully be able to explain the funk to anybody who doesn't have a subscription to Sirius. It can't be explain unless you spend four hours a day listening to the Howard Stern show. I have yet to fully recover from the stunning announcement that Artie Lange may leave the show in January of 2008. Yeah, I know, that's a long ways a way, but if Artie wants to get some help, why doesn't he do it now as opposed to putting it off. That's sorta like your high school friend telling you at the start of the summer that she wants to break up at the end of summer, but still wants to have fun with you until then. Either shit or get off the pot. I know it's just a radio show, but I became a more die hard fan of the Stern show during the Artie era. And if the Stern show loses Artie even for a couple of months, the show will still be interesting, but it's going to be mostly Howard talking about his engaement and chess while a Rev. Bob Levy tries to crack some shitty joke.


At 8:27 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

so you aren't quitting. good. I don't think I could've handled the loss of Skeet and Slack lalane in consecutive weeks. huzzah.


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