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Jun 11, 2007

We Don't Believe You. You Need More People

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just getting up there in age even though I have no clue as to where there is, but it’s a mot point. Maybe it was the secret shame I had for leaving a baseball game early (The Dodgers were up when I left and it was top of the 8th). Maybe my brain had finally melted from the constant breaking news on the news about Paris Hilton’s prisoner status (Dear journalists, you should’ve said, “hey wiener kids, just go to Is Paris In Jail Right Now (dot) come or go to TMZ, if you actually think that this is news. Who cares about the whole G8 summit business, you know? [It should be noted that while I may joke about the G8 summit, I have no clue what happened there either]). Maybe my brain had melted for another reason, all the driving I had done that or that painfully stint on the 110 after I drank a liter of water then slugging it out on the 101 and well, having to go potty like nobody’s business. Now, don’t get me wrong because the jams I heard at the Turntable Lab anniversary party last Friday were amazing. It was Hollertronix for fuck’s sake. Diplo and Low Budget played “Never Scared,” ‘nuff said. But and there’ll always be a but with me, but that had to be one of the worst crowds I’ve ever seen in my life. There were pockets of people who were going off and dancing like possessed people, but they weren’t anywhere near me. Instead, I happened to be dancing near the people who decided to be right in front of the stage and hold conversations with each other and stand around while people are going nuts and plan their next attempt to get back on stage to do a little dance. I understand the desire and yearning to get on stage and dance. I tried it once when I was in New York, but a security guard shoved me off the stage and my dreams were dashed away. It wasn’t meant for me because I’m not somebody famous (in my own mind, I am) and I’m not a babe and I’m not that good of a dancer; I dance for exercise and to make my friends laugh. Something happened during the show, perhaps after DJ Blaqstarr’s set and the start of Hollertronix’s set, but everybody and their kid sister who managed to get a nifty fake ID with the name, “McLovin” on it no less just decided to get up on the stage and go crazy. I understand the Turntable Lab employees on stage and bringing up girls to the stage cause that’s awesome and that’s a page right of the Motley Crue handbook. Yet at certain point, it just got too outta hand like a hipster girl in pleather pants and they had to turn down the music for a while. It’s a problem if they have to turn down the jams cause some fuck in overpriced Nikes wants to be the star of the show. Then there are these people who push and shove their way to the very front of the place because they are just the biggest fans in the world. Yet they just stand there and talk with their friends and explain whom they are watching and well, just not dance. Or they just stand on the dance floor and get upset when somebody decides to dance around them.

The show seeing as I saw a similar show when I was in New York City back in March just made me realize that Brooklyn, no matter how hip or how cool or how unhip and uncool it becomes, still is a better music city than LA. Granted that they were still playing music at the Echoplex when I left at 2:15 in the morning, but most of the crowd had left. Where as in the city that never sleeps, there would be a lot more people left, still giving it all. I don’t know, but the crowd at the Echoplex just reminded me of that bit about people in LA on David Cross’ “Shut Up You Fucking Baby.” Maybe I just stood around the wrong people, but that had to be one of the worst crowds I’ve ever been around.

Echoplex is beyond nice and the show was amazing.

I managed to watch Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part 2 and I don’t want to bum Eli Roth out or anything, but the movie was way super boring. 40 minutes or so of poor character development and awful dialogue. Hostel Part 2 irregardless of what anybody on Aint It Cool News or whatever website was quoted twice in the print ad for Hostel Part 2, it isn’t the scariest or best horror films in ten years. If anything, Hostel Part 2 is a mancation movie in a slasher film’s clothing. I’m assuming that this film is no different than Wild Hogs because it’s all about guys attempting to regain the manhood and what not. And the interesting film, the superior sequel would’ve been about these old guys tooling around Europe, looking for young girls and then they end up in the hostel and women are the ones doing the torturing. Roth could’ve made a semi subversive women’s empowerment film, but instead just made an ugly, unnecessary and tedious film that wastes the talents of everybody involved. Roth can direct; it’s just that he can’t write or at least he can make really awesome trailers. Anything longer than two minutes and he loses me. And that scene with Heather Matarazzo was even too graphic for me and I’m a man who can’t wait to see a movie like Sweet Movie.

David Milch, really? You have to be kidding, right? No more “Deadwood” for this show? A bunch of surfers swearing ion a show that’s trying way too hard to be like “Twin Peaks,” come on. Yeah, I’ll probably tune in next week, too. It’s not awful, but it’s not brilliant either, but it’s also not okay either. It’s somewhere between bad and okay, if such a middle ground exists.


At 8:15 PM , Blogger Najork said...

I'm loving Clark & Michael. Thanks for the tip.

At 4:19 PM , Blogger Mick said...

did you catch any of the LCD shows at the El Rey over the past few days? i was at the monday show it was beyond amazing.


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