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Jun 3, 2007

Yes, the City Wants You Gone

It seems only fitting that the moment I finally decide to call it a wrap for the empire, a there's a nerdy triumph. Please be advise that there will be far too many spelling errors in this because if we're going to go out, then we're going to go out the way we came in. Run on sentences and frequent mispelled words. I say triumph because look at the success of Judd Apatow's Knocked Up. An R-Rated comedy starring most of the cast of two brilliant yet canceled tv series with oddly the same type of humor has a 30 million plus openning weekend. It just makes me wonder would a "Freaks & Geeks" have survived if Bill, Neal, and Sam could've used some swear words? Would more people be in love with 'Undecleared" if Marshall and Ron were allowed to openly take tokes from the bong? The Apatow film formula isn't really that different from the TV formula except maybe that in the TV world, nerdy guys gets the girl who isn't out of his league in terms of looks; the girl is usually on his level. Knocked Up is a funny film; is it as funny as the infamous Variety review from SXSW makes it out to be? No, but it's one of the few films out there that actually works; thanks in large to the casting. I remember reading some place where the writer compared Apatow and his stock cast of actors to the great Preston Sturges' stock cast of character actors and it's a far better comparsion than the Wes Anderson/Sturges comparsion. Apatow has this great knack for plugging in the right comedian or actor in there for a great monologue. For me, the biggest laugh in the film was the monologue delivered by Craig Robinson as the bouncer. Maybe another actor would have take the thing over the top, but Robinson is just pitch perfect and another example of Apatow's great eye for casting.

And here's the problem I'm having with updates. I started to write this a couple of hours ago, then I got distracted by a phone call and then there was a commercial for the iPhone during "60 Minutes," then like the MTV Movie Awards were on and I just complete lost my focus on this thing. I lost the focus to finally wrap things up. Perhaps, I'll have to do a farewell tour, then finally hang up the laptop.

Probably another reason why I'm hanging it up aside from the fact that I'd be really embarrassed to write endless paragraphs about my new favorite tv show being "Rob & Big", but I feel so out of the loop about other things. I missed the memo, but apparently Baltimore is the new Brooklyn and we're supposed to be into these tunes by Dan Deacon or somethng. I just can't keep up. I still think that Brooklyn is super cool and I'd much rather awkwardly sing "What A Waster" in a staircase with some random lady walking behind me, then sing the song the rest of the day while at the office. I don't know what's going on anymore. I didn't go to any of the Arcade Fire shows at the Geek theater. I'd rather watch Fitzcarraldo and go drinking with Robin Brown and try and I mean, try really hard to not lose my shit over laptop DJs who stop Harry Nilsson jams way too early.

Then I'm watching the MTV Movie Awards and you know, I'm laughing at Sarah Silverman's jokes, but it feels weird cause you know, she's all foxed up and rehearsing the jokes in front of large black & white photos feels a whole lot different than ripping them right in their face. Then Rhiana perfroms and I didn't even know she had a new jam out, but I was kind out the door as soon as I saw Jay-Z's corny face. And I don't understand why MTV has to do a reunion series of the Real World. You know why doesn't the music industry get on MTV's ass about playing some videos again. Music is good, MTV, so why not play some instead of another show about kids in bandanas fighting with each other and drinking with reckless abandon? Why not have the Beastie Boys on the air and have them do a full fledge jam session and blow some kids' minds. Kids, these days don't care about shredding, but they know that when you're arguing, you should wear a bandana and probably a hoodie and knowing these kids, it'll be a $200 hoodie from the Supreme store. I understand that there's a need for a groups like Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes; they help you realize how much better music can be when you first listen to "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys.

And Eli Roth shouldn't be the most important voice in horror movies. Granted, I loved the trailer for Thanksgiving, but that was roughly a minute and half. There was another few minutes that were great in Hostel. Roth knows what he's taking about and he's passionate about film, it's just that he can't direct actors. Eli Roth would make for an amazing film professor and if he was a place like USC, he could be jamming co-eds during the summer breaks, but I'm not sure if directing is Roth's strong suit.

I dunno anymore. I just hope that you're watching Clark & Michael.


At 7:04 AM , Blogger Race Games said...

Man, that is good stuff. Love Michael Cear from AD of course, and Clark Duke is really growing on me (from Episode 1 and 2) That kid is damn funny too. He holds his own with Cera, a comedic genius.

At 1:07 PM , Anonymous c-dice said...

knocked up was hilarious. cirque du soleil on mushrooms would be the greatest experience ever.


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