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Jul 11, 2007

We Come Hard

In hindsight, the dude was probably just doing his job, but that raging liberal inside of me felt hassled by the police as I was leaving the Dr. Dog show the other night. I just got into my car and I was checking my e-mail on my iPhone. Maybe that’s why I was hassled/questioned by the police because I was being an asshole with their cool, super expensive iPhone. It should be noted that I wasn’t driving; I believe it’s against the law to use your phone while driving unless you got a headset or something. Any ways, this cop approaches me and talks about an alarm going off in a building and if I knew anything about it. I said nope, and then the officer mentioned the afro I have in my driver’s license photo. Then the officer lets me go. I know that it wasn’t anything bad and quite frankly; the dude was just doing his job. But, it was such a bummer after watching such a great show. Dr. Dog is such a great live band that I’ve been seriously rearranging my Thursday night plans to catch them at the Echo.

Speaking of shows, anybody planning on going to the Patton Oswalt free show on the 25th at Amoeba? I think I’m going to try to make it; I mean I should bearing anything cooler coming up in my life, which I don’t believe is going to happen any time soon. Besides, I’ve only seen like 10 minutes of Patton Oswalt doing stand up before I got sick. It was a Coachella thing; not a Patton Oswalt being insanely funny thing. His new album is pretty solid, if I may say so. Also, be an ultra nerd and pick up a copy of Monster Squad on DVD.

Back to that Dr. Dog show for a minute, I’m not sure if I could even feign the interest and excitement to be a faux cool kid these days. I’ve been seriously debating whether or not if it’s time to delete all of those Blood Brothers tunes on my iPod and replace them with like Connie Baily Rae tunes and you know junk that old people listen to. But at this show, I thought that I wasn’t going to get in because I wasn’t wearing a Fedora. I didn’t know that the Fedora had become such an item of cool; I thought it was an item reserved for cats like Ducky and various band-os from your favorite 80s teen movie. But I guess if Brad Pitt and the Cold Wars Kids do it, then it must be the coolest piece of headwear since whatever limited edition Supreme hat was released within the last few weeks. I mean I was looking for all of my early 90s hats (I found an old Bulls hat with a red & black zebra print bill) cause they were the cool, but I guess I need to step my game up. Are high wasted pants going to be the next big thing or are people just dressing like they’re favorite band? Are the fans of the Cold War Kids and bands of that particular genre becoming like sports fans? You know how die hard sports fans wear full team uniforms to the game in hopes that maybe they’ll get called into the game (I stole that from Jimmy Kimmel) and are these guys beginning to think that if they wear a white v-neck American Apparel summer tee and some tight black jeans that if the drummer gets injured during the middle of a jam, the band will ask that dude to fill in?

Using this particular logic, maybe I should start dressing like college film professors, so in case, I happen to be around and they get injured, I can fill in for them. It should be noted that I strongly believe that I was meant to be a film academic and not a maker as I was watching Transformers a second time. As I sat in the theater, satisfied from finally seeing the trailer for 1-18-08 and in between scenes of the remake of Walkabout I made in my head staring Rachael Taylor, I was thinking of potential essay topics that could from Transfomers. The film is racist; the film has a consumerists agenda that goes beyond being a film based on action figures; Michael Bay: a modern day John Ford or a mainstream Russ Meyer? Have you noticed that there’s some cleavage in every other shot? The iconography or the film’s various attempts at creating distinctive iconography is insane.

And as I stated before, all of my iPhone related questions have been about if I like it and naturally, I just show them this video and say that I can watch it anytime I want to on my phone, then pretty much, the conversation is over because they’re weirded out by the video.


At 9:09 PM , Blogger David said...

I'll try to make it to Amoeba for Mr. Oswalt.

Monster Squad, at long last, will be hittin' DVD. Finally. But first, I need to buy "If....".


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