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Aug 29, 2007

Dry Rot

There are two things that I could say about the No Age in store at Amoeba last night. How awesome No Age was and how rude some cool kids can be. I think anybody who has ever been on the intranet within the last six months knows about No Age. I don’t think they are a victim of blogarrhea because they’re not victims of their own hype. They play loud on record and they play just as loud live. No Age is this generation’s Minutemen; a band with great musical ambition and skills that decided to display it in furious two minutes sonic blasts. In other words, No Age just shreds. It’s one thing to hear Randy Randall’s guitar work, but live, it’s just effortless and beautiful. In works in great contrast to Dean Spunt’s manic drum playing. I want to say that 30 seconds or so into the first song, Spunt already broke a drumstick. No Age is the real deal, no bullshit. Just a bunch of skate rats making amazing music.

And it shouldn’t be surprising that cool kids are rude, but this one guy took the fucking cake. This guy wedge himself in the very tiny space between myself and an other guy then for the first few songs, he starts digging in his nose without a fucking care in the world. He just jams two fingers up there and just digs away like a dog burying a bone. Normally I would’ve looked away, but some of you are familiar with how narrow the aisles are at Amoeba, especially during an in store. I couldn’t avoid it and oddly, this guy took pride in his goal of touching his brain by the end of “My Life’s All Right Without You.” Whatever happened to keeping things discrete and/or amongst friends and/or behind close doors? Sure, if you give me enough beer and a large Oreo shake from Jack in the Box, I’ll say shit, but nine times out of ten, I’m going to keep things discrete in terms of personal stories and of course, digging for brain.

All right, despite the threat of any potential box office fall off due to on line piracy, Dimension has signed Rob Zombie to a two picture deal. Nothing could happen, but at least, Zombie has a place to potentially make more Hillbilly action pictures. Why doesn’t Zombie make a Russ Meyer style picture next? He seems like he’d have more fun doing that.


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