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Aug 21, 2007

For Marcus & Spencer

When I first saw all of those billboards for the show, “L.A. Ink,” I thought that the TLC had given Jewish adult film star Joanna Angel her own show. I scratched my head for a minute thinking why would they call a show that would primarily take place in the Pornando Valley, “L.A. Ink,” but then again, I can’t seem to find a gig in TV. So, I just put into the endless list of things that I’ll never understand. Then a friend of mine said something about how Kat Von D lost a lot of weight since she was on “Miami Ink” or something. Then my dreams of a reality show about a Jewish adult film star were crushed. Then I remember watching bits and pieces of “Miami Ink” over the years and realizing how dumb that show is. Some of the artists on that show do great work, but I don’t know, the main guy just made tattoos and the art of tattooing; well, to put it blunt, he seemed like the Chris Carrabba of tattooing. It seemed unless you were some girl in a bikini with a decent rack, you had to have some great emotional reasoning behind getting work done. This tattoo is to help me get through my divorce or this is about my son. You know, there always have to be an emotional reasoning behind a tattoo on that show. I remember the days when getting tattoos were dangerous and generally located on the sketchy side of town.

Probably over the years, thanks in large to college co-eds going wild, tattoos have become mainstream and commonplace. And shows like “Miami Ink,” and “LA Ink” have tattoos even more mainstream. I thought about getting a tattoo recently. It came to me while sitting in the blazing sun of Las Vegas working on an awful sun burn (I use sun screen all the time nowadays though and you should, too) that I should get one because at that moment in time, I wanted something that said “Never Again,” and literally, getting a tattoo that said “Never Again,” was something that I’d never do ever again. Then I forgot about it for a while, but then I went to a function where there were girls with tattoos and I came to the irrational conclusion that women with tattoos only date other people with tattoos. I tend to believe that people who dress in a similar fashion or style tend to date each other. It’s like what Karen O said, “The cool kids, they belong together.” So, I wanted to get a tattoo again because I wanted to be cool and hang with the girls that have shelves done. Despite the claims from friends that tattoos wouldn’t suit me and that my theory was ridiculous. Then I watched “L.A. Ink” and I realized that not only I do not want to get a tattoo, but I pretty sure that I don’t want to play in the sandbox with tattoo girls. I think the moral majority is behind these shows because it’s making tattoos seem so mundane and dull and clichéd and you’re going to have to make conversation with some body who may or may not dress up like Rob Zombie circa 1993 who says “dude” and “bro” a lot. I’m guilty of saying “dude,” a lot, but I have a few other words in arsenal.

Going back a couple of paragraphs ago, to the thing about a reality show in the Pornando Valley, Am I the crazy one in believing that there might be some reality gold in a series about the folks who work for the AIM in Sherman Oaks? There’d be some medical drama and some wacky plastic surgery and all sorts of wacky characters coming into the office and working in the office. I mean, honestly, how come nobody has done a reality show about this yet? It’d be a perfect slice of edutainment; educating the viewers about STDs and what not and entertaining us with nurses like the Olly Girls, but probably much, much, much, much smarter.

A friend of mine told me that Uffie and the Like are gonna be CineSpace tonight and I thought about for a minute, but then I realized that people like this would be there and I’d much rather stay home and be bummed as I watch Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar again. My friend is actually a decent person. So like her and her friends may be the only sane people there.

Am I the strange one because I’m excited to blind buy an album? For some magical reason the new Rilo Kiley album never leaked or at least I never found it, but then again, I didn’t really look that hard. Either way, it’s somewhat refreshing to have the first time I hear an album is when I first put it into the car stereo. Given, it’s Rilo Kiley and I would assume that by now, I’d know the routine and formula for their music. Great songs; whiny back up vocals by Blake, some country twang to it and that’s about it. Don’t ruin a good thing.

As for that M.I.A. album, it’s good, especially if you’re working out, but it’s pretty much a single song album for me. “Paper Planes”. That’s the only great thing about her album. “Paper Planes.” It’s like the Harold & Maude of electro/dance/hip hop/whatever you call it.

I don’t know who or whom owns the North American rights to it, but we have to figure it out because there needs to be a DVD release of “Garth Marenghi’s “Darkplace” soon. Please take a look at the first episode here and please tell me if you didn’t laugh. You might be dead if you don’t laugh.

Beloved “Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell is going to be on “Heroes” this season. That’s a good thing, but it’s like, I’m kinda of over “Heroes”. The season finale was a lamey rip off of “The Watchmen” and a lot of those actors are, well, I don’t know how to say it aren’t the greatest. They’re good, but just not for me. How diplomatic, is that? But it’s good for Kristen Bell to get exposure and all. More exposure on popular things that do well might make it easier for a V.Mars movie.


At 10:28 AM , Blogger najork said...

Yikes, I went to middle school with Chris Carrabba and never realized he was in DC until now.

He's dying that skunk stripe he used to have.


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