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Aug 30, 2007

For No Reason

The five minutes that I saw of MTV’s latest high gloss Southern California “reality” series “Life of Ryan”, which is about the life of Ryan Sheckler who happens to be a professional skater and a teenager and if you didn’t catch the fact that he’s a professional skater, he’s going to bring it up every other minute. I think in those precious five minutes I saw, Ryan Sheckler mentioned being a skater at least ten times. Granted it was the pilot episode of the series, but does it really need to be that “duh-duh”? Can’t the audience assume that he’s a pro skater since he’s carrying a skateboard and dressed as if all of his sponsors threw up on him? Or because the show looks awfully a lot like an episode of “Laguna Beach” or whatever the fuck it’s called these days, people might get confused? Or have we gotten to the point with our entertainment that we need it all spelled out for us like a picture with a cartoon of semen on some starlet’s face? I guess it helps to be duh duh these days. Look at it, they’re on TV and I’m complaining about it. Score one for the bad guys. Well, Ryan Scheckler isn’t a bad guy. He’s just a confused professional skateboarder who happens to be a teen whose juggling being a teen and being a skater, you know. Tough work, dudes.

Why does Amanda Bynes look like as if she spent way too much time with the Olly Girls and/or fell asleep in a tanning bed in the movie Sydney White? Can we get a ruling from the great Uncle Grambo please?

We all know that VBS’ Spike Spends Saturday With is pretty cool, but have you seen Robin Brown Spends Saturday with Spike yet? Crazy stuff to the say least.

It should be noted that if it wasn’t for Spencer Sloan and Robin Brown, I don’t think I would’ve ever came back to this intranet thing. The blogback is a slow process and forgive me if I miss a day because I’d rather spend an evening at The Cat & Fiddle talking about whale tails [NSFW] and shit in general in between brews. I’m going to be in the greater ATL area in a month or two, so I may have to break into Goldenfiddle HQ when I’m there.

Over the last month or two, I’ve been working out and it feels incredibly weird to write about it, but I’d like to pass along to tip to anybody whose thinking about exercising and what not. Listen to Explosions in the Sky while jogging or walking it out or running it out or whatever you’re doing. Trust me, just listen to Explosions in the Sky and every action, every movement, every hill that you climb, basically everything that you do will make you feel as if you’re in the middle of the movie. Like the next time, you’re going on a jog and you’re about to do something crazy and intensive, listen to one of their songs like “Snow and Lights” or “Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean” and tell you’re not having a semi religious moment or acting like those UFC dudes after a fight.

A paragraph or two ago, there was a little bit about spotting famous people and recently for me, I’ve had a few encounters or spotting, if you will. Yet I wasn’t eager to send them into Defamer or even write about them. It’s like “Hey, it’s that girl from “Arrested Development” eating dinner with her husband, cool,” then proceed to quote lines from “Arrested Development” for the next couple of minutes, then talking about Michael Cera, then I start to worry about the impending film version of “Youth in Revolt” and whose going to direct it (Edgar Wright should do it). Everybody likes to hear that people are digging what they do. It provides a quick and painless ego boost, but when and where is it appropriate? A couple weeks back, I saw Busdriver at the Chromeo/Flosstradamus show at the Echoplex and I wanted to go up and say “Your new album was the soundtrack for my life for about two months straight. It’s still in my car,” but you know, that’s a bit too much and not to mention, I was covered in sweat cause Flosstradamus had just destroyed the place. Then at the No Age in store, I nearly bump into Busdriver as I was typing a text message to a friend of mine. I wanted to say that I dug his album, but I was fearful of acting like a schoolgirl. So, I let it go and just let the guy shop in peace. And other times, I think there’s a mutual embarrassment between you and the famous person in question. They know well in advance where they know you from and just rather leave things be. Exchange a few knowing glances and that’s about it. “Yeah, I’m on that show,” with a simple smile and a blank stare. “I can’t believe that I watch it,” with a Jim from “The Office” facial expression and shrug of the shoulders.


At 5:01 AM , Blogger goldenfiddle said...

wait, he's a skate boarder? i totally missed that .

At 12:51 AM , Anonymous Dani said...

Honestly, you should have given that Ryan Sheckler show more of a chance. I ended up watching the whole episode one day, and he actually seemed like a sweet kid, taking care of his little brothers and all. It's pretty endearing is all I'm saying. But I won't blame you if you don't believe me, haha.


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