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Aug 24, 2007

One Track Lover

I don’t have a problem that they’re going to make a movie based on the G.I. Joe action figures and cartoons and comic books of my youth. You know, everything is up for fair game these days and you know, if there’s traction, then go with it. As much as I want to believe that film can still be an art form, it’s still mostly a business. Sure, a film or two that is an art film can sneak through the system and make no money what so ever, but nine times out of ten, unless Vince Vaughn is attached to it, it’s not going to get made. My problem with the GI Joe movie is how fast it’s going into production. The project was announced today in the trades and pretty much every other movie site and blog. According to reports, they’re expecting to start production on the film by February of next year and of course, there’s no script and once again, of course, producers are worried about a potential strike next summer. At one point or another, I thought I knew what the strike was about. It was something with the DGA or something with the WGA or both of their contracts are up. I don’t really remember or at least I’ve forgotten over the last couple of months. This potential strike has become a monster, perhaps it’s the monster in that JJ Abrams movie, that makes people rush a bunch of movies into production for fear of not having any product to release in summer 2009. I know that it’s a business. I’m learning this hard way, especially during job interviews and I mention Jodorowsky; it’s like I’ve said the sea word or something. They’re just throwing movies into production without much script development.

I know that film is visual storytelling and the script is just a blueprint, but can’t films have a decent blueprint? I’m not looking for a GI Joe script penned by Mamet or Tom Stoppard, but you know, take your time with it and don’t rush the thing to beat the strike. Let alone the rush to cast the thing. So many actors are scrambling to line up projects, not just directors and producers. Yet with such a high profile project, you don’t need a lot of high profile actors, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of names. Yet, how many name actors already have projects lined up? It just doesn’t make any sense to rush all of these things cause of a strike.

Then again, if produers are looking to stock pile some stuff to go before the strike, I got two pages of solid gold hit movies ideas. Granted, all of the projects seem like “Superbad as if it was directed by Antonioni” or “The Punisher meets A History of Violence but with big boobs.”

Also, can somebody please explain who James McAvoy is and why he’s such a in demand actor these days?


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