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Sep 10, 2007

Home Girl

Would've written some stuff down tonight, but I have this book report that's do tomorrow morning and I'm kind of stumped on it. I didn't even walk it out today, so that may give you an indication of how serious things are today.

Although, I'll say that to say this, that TMZ TV show proves the theory that just cause a website gets seven million hits daily, doesn't mean it's going to be great TV or at least it's "Hard Copy" in snappier fonts for the "High School: The Musical" set.

And, I also strongly and sincerely believe that Richard Roeper should be replaced on "Ebert & Roeper at the Movies" by Miss Teen South Carolina. She could just read Roger Ebert's written reviews until he gets better and get that Scary Perry guy to be the other critic. It'd be so much better than the flirt fest between Roeper and that HD Net guy.


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