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Oct 29, 2007

No More Bad Town aka Fish & Chips

I think I saw an article a couple of weeks back somewhere or in many places about the failure of adult dramas recently as well as the failure of Iraq War related dramas at the box office and with critics. The marketplace is over crowded with films for the adults when a majority of the theater going public would rather watch the Rock take care of a small child or people getting poked with sharp objects for 90 minutes instead of Jake Gyllenhaal dealing with the rights and wrongs involved in torturing an alleged terror suspect.

Perhaps the main reason why people are staying away in droves because these Iraq films aren’t very good and who wants to spend money just to be bummed out by what’s going on with the world? Also, I personally think it’s just too soon to watch films about what’s going on. We need a little more time and distance and space before we can watch films about what’s going on with the world. Or more importantly, if anybody wants to watch a film about the war in Iraq, they should just watch Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. On the newly remastered DVD, there’s a mini documentary about the making of the film and there’s a great line from cinematographer/director Ernest Dickerson about the film. Dickerson basically said that Kubrick made a film about urban warfare. Not only the Vietnam, but also fighting a war in an urban environment and I don’t think any film out there now or coming out within the next year or two will be able tackle warfare in such a strange and weird and urban environment the way that Kubrick has with
Full Metal Jacket

That film is over twenty years old, but still holds to this date, if not it’s strangely more relevant today. I mean it goes without saying, but that new Stanley Kubrick box set is essential and very, very, very necessary.

Speaking of very, very, very necessary: “42nd Street Forever Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion” comes out in January 2008. The first two volumes were nothing sort of outstanding; so hopefully the third installment will be just as good. Now only if we could get a decent wide screen release of Raiders of Atlantis on DVD, then everything would be just kosher, wouldn’t it?

Well, not really. There’s a lot of bullshit going on in the world that’ll probably never ever be solved. The Red Sox won the World Series again. Something is definitely not right in the world if that can happen, again. Something is of course wrong with the world if I’ve found myself enjoying songs by Spank Rock. Something has to, just has to be wrong with the world cause whenever I try to record “Zoey 101: Curse of the PCA” on DVR, it never ever records or just disappears all together from the programming grid. Something has to be wrong with the world, just has to be wrong with the world if we all know who Brody Jenner is.

I know that it may be very in vogue to complain about “30 Rock” these days, but the problem with it this season, is so simple to solve. Remember during the first season how pretty much every episode was about Jack and Liz Lemon. Those were usually the A & B storylines with a fairly decent C storyline involving Tracy Jordan. Then the writers would weave the supporting characters into each of the storylines and occasionally giving one of the said characters their own storyline. The show would go weeks without featuring the Jena character and it’d be great. It was funny and it was consistently. Yet now, it seems as if “30 Rock” is playing it a little too safe. The storylines are spread too thin this season. There’s a Kenneth the Page storyline cause people love Kenneth; there’s a Tracy storyline; there’s a Jack storyline; there’s a Liz Lemon storyline and there’s a Jenna storyline. It’s too much. They need to scale back a tiny bit and just have characters like Kenneth, Pete, and Jenna just pop into storylines and be funny. It’s just too much. It’s still good and better than most shows today.

So, I guess that the Blood Brothers broke up, total bummer. But Johnny, the main vocalist of the Blood Brothers is in a new band called Jaguar Love with another dude from the Blood Brothers and J. Clark formerly of Pretty Girls Make Graves. They’re going to be at Cine Space on Tuesday night if you want to brave that social cluster fuck. I’d go, but I’d probably wear something plaid and give off the appearance of trying way too hard. Jaguar Love is also opening up for Queens of the Stone Age at their show tonight at the Nokia Theater in Downtown. The thing about the new band is that it sounds an awful lot like the Blood Brothers just a bit slower and not as chaotic and maybe a bit more jazzier and mellower; it’s kind of Neon Blonde, but not as upbeat.

Can somebody please explain the appeal of the Saw films to me? I was watching one of those Bravo specials about the scariest movies ever made and the special naturally featured clips from a couple of the Saw pictures and I just didn’t get it. So, it’s basically 90 minutes of people being forced to do horrible and terrible things to themselves and others in order to live? And there’s a bunch of jump cuts and shitty, hacky editing techniques as well? I’m not a fan of the Hostel films, but at least Eli Roth has an interesting visual style behind his films. I just don’t understand the appeal of these movies beyond Miike’s masterful Audition. That film is a masterpiece of torture horror because it fucks with your head and you actually care about the main character. These films, granted I haven’t watched any of the films, but it seems that the characters in the Saw films are just presented together in some room and basically cut each other up without any back story or any history given, right? I understand the appeal of horror films. I’d consider a fairly decent fan of the genre, but I enjoy a horror film with a certain degree of style to it. Why can’t the young folks be into movies like Suspiria? Why can’t the troubled youth of today appreciate a sequence like this one[NSFW]? It’s still scary and gross and disturbing, but look at the production design! Look at the cinematography! It’s a violent act, but it’s still beautiful.

Maybe it’s a lost cause like a girl wearing glasses even though she doesn’t need them. She just wants that cute, nerdy girl vibe coupled in with that handsome actor affect. Or perhaps a better statement is: maybe, it’s a lost cause like trying to find a photo of Audrey Kitching without any make up on.

And finally, Lars and the Real Girl is good. People should watch it. It’s funny. It’s weird. It’s a little bit touching. Ryan Gosling is excellent. Paul Schneider needs to be in more movies; he’s good. Kelli Garner is kind of like a hotter version of Sarah Polley (I need to watch The Sweet Hereafter, by the by). Everybody’s good in it. Sure, the film turns up the quirky factor a little too much, but it’s still good. It should be noted that the audience I saw the film had me a bit confused at the beginning. The trailer for Juno was attached to and it didn't get many laughs; I started to worry that if they weren't laughing at Juno, I'm going to be the only one who'll like this film. It'd be like The New World all over again. Yet they got it and were into it.


At 10:33 AM , Blogger najork said...

The Sweet Hereafter is incredible.

At 10:55 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I saw it once back when I was in high school and was blown away by it. Wondering if it still holds up today.

At 12:43 PM , Blogger najork said...

That's true, I haven't seen it came out, so maybe if I watched it again I would be disappointed. I hope not.

At 3:32 PM , Anonymous c-dice said...

i agree with your thoughts on full metal jacket. and i can't be disappointed with 30 rock this season as i am not watching it. it's on at a bad time for me. thursday nights as of late have been the tail end of scrubs and falling asleep to er (i'm still kinda weirded out that uncle jesse is a doctor now, his only previous job was having good hair and now he can cut people open, i'm confused). i wish i had tivo. maybe for christmas, then i can keep up with the last half of the season on my time. : )


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