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Oct 10, 2007

Sugar Shark Part 2

Chalk it up laziness or call it excitement, but here’s a list of thoughts running in my head while I constantly checked my global clocks and inbox for the download link to obtain Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”. Hey man, we’re going to be a part of history with this one.

-Sienna Miller should never ever wear clothes again. She should just become a nudist and make it hip and cool. [NSFW] Seriously, she should just burn all of her clothes and become a hair model or something.[NSFW]

-I wonder if the guards at Guantanamo Bay subject the prisoners to ABC’s power hour of shitcoms: “Cavemen” & “Carpoolers”? Those shows have to be the definition of torture.

-The song, "Slow Show" by the National is amazing. I should listen to that album all the way through one of these days. Yet I have a problem with the National. I'll listen to their stuff and like it, but I'll end up falling in love, like madly in love with one song and there'll be a line that just wrecks me. The line this time around is "You know I dreamed about you for 29 years before I saw you." Does song writing get any better than that? I heard Kid Rock call himself a songwriter the other day on Stern, but I don't think he'll ever write a line as amazing as that.

-This girl is still insanely hot. Who’s her representation and various questions that Kevin Spacey’s character in Swimming with Sharks would ask regarding the matter.

-Aren’t films coming out onto DVD too soon these days? Knocked Up came out in early June and it’s already out on DVD. Transformers comes out next week, what gives? Has the DVD market become that lucrative and heaven forbid, more successful than theatrical distribution? I know that the theater going isn’t for everybody especially if you have a small child and drag said child to a screening of The Kingdom; crying babies don’t enjoy political action thrillers that much. I always thought that a little distance between the release and the video may change a film’s critical standings. Yet with the instantaneous releases of films, nobody is going to go to the movies anymore which is a super bad thing because more and more people are going to shoot their film to be seen not on a large screen, but instead a TV screen. Then again, there’s an upside because those films that slipped through the cracks of the multiplex I.E. the extremely underrated and recently released 28 Weeks Later can be seen a much larger audience.

I still can’t believe that this e-mail hasn’t come yet. What a drag. Then again, that’s what I get for a euro.

-Why is Samuel L Jackson playing Sisqo in this movie? Remember Sisqo and why hasn’t his sitcom pilot made its way onto those found footage, bootleg DVD things?

-I thought I had a bunch of ideas but I started to get sleepy and I got over waiting for word from Radiohead. It’ll be there in the morning.

See you in the South, if you’re out there.


At 2:50 AM , Anonymous reezy said...

really glad to read your comments on 'slow show'... i love that lyric too.

At 5:18 AM , Blogger Brian said...

Did it ever occur to you that the type of person who would shoot a film for viewing on a television or ipod, etc., screen instead of a theater is probably a douche bag whose films you should more than likely stay away from?

It seems almost inevitable that their shit would suck, by proxy. Just saying.


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