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Nov 8, 2007

Moving Boxes

I hope that y'all aren't as lost and confused as Vanessa Hudgens is because you don't know where you could find brand new updates from your humble narrator.

If you don't know, then you know cause you can find the empire at its home: skeetonmischa.tumblr.com. It's fun and flirty, but sort of a broken record right now; yadda yadda....strike this....strike that...yadda.

Anyways, hope that you make the move over and don't worry about having to update your links.


At 12:08 PM , Blogger najork said...

Google Reader has it covered. Two skeets, two fiddles.. I could take thirty or forty more, no problem. Tumblr does have some weird issues that make it ill-suited for RSS-based reading, though. For one thing, all the text of the entry seems to be contained in the title element, so it looks sort of awful in a feed reader. Also, it updates the feed in bunches at odd times of the day. It's mostly good, though.

At 8:37 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I think the problems with Tumblr & the RSS feeds is that I'll post a song on top of a post and it has difficult reading that. I looked at it and you are correct. It does look rather awful. I also think that I'm sort of pushing the limits of the posting options when I think they want people to just throw up a couple of lines through out the day. And, there's also been more random updates all through out the day as well.

At 1:16 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Am I retarded or can I not comment on your tumblr blog?

At 9:13 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

With Tumblr, there's no comments thus far.

At 6:56 PM , Blogger najork said...

FUCK I'm far away for work and I have to stay up to catch a plane, so I'm killing time. Sorry if this is more disjoint than usual.

1. Please report on your Gossip Girl findings. Am scared to watch.

2. I hate Family Guy, and while the Simpsons was good a while ago, even in the glory years I didn't watch regularly. Oddly, given how much free time I spend thinking about the structure of comedy, I don't watch any straight tv comedies regularly except 30 Rock, and that's a very recent development. Ok, occasional Adult Swim stuff too, but for some reason I don't count that.

3. WGA strike seems like the perfect opportunity for a cool kids dance show renaissance. Get on the phone and make it so. Also, an idea for free: youtube is ripe for a dance show.

4. Diablo Cody is a beyond-amazing name.

At 5:19 PM , Blogger najork said...

@ http://skeetonmischa.tumblr.com/post/19735310

The same thing happened with the audience when I saw it. I think the reason is that the promos you see during football or whatever say, "Critics agree... NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is the most exciting movie of the year...". The first three quarters of the movie seem to be following suit, before the final half hour or so changes things up completely. I think people see it as a massive filmic c-block, essentially.

I loved it, and -- although this may be too hyperbolic even for me -- I think it's basically THE SEVENTH SEAL remade as a thriller (and I don't think Woody Harrelson's comparison of Chigurh to "the Bubonic Plague" is accidental). It's also unbelievably gorgeous. I could probably stand to see it again, just because I was caught so off-guard by what happens at the end.

I am scared of and somewhat baffled by Beowulf. It's one of those times when I just feel at odds with my demographic. I'm a computer geek, for god's sake, but I find it impossible to watch movies purely as abstract technological achievements. That sort of thing is best left to teenagers and hobbyists. What I want from (most) movies is narrative, and there is only one criterion to evaluate a visual effect: does it enhance the story, or interfere with it? There is a lesson to be learned from 300, and from Sin City, and so forth (even rotoscoped stuff like A Scanner Darkly or even The Year of the Fish), but I think Zemeckis has misunderstood what it was.

At 10:55 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Who is this guy...


It doesn't make sense to me.

At 10:58 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I have no clue who that guy is, but most likely, I'll photoshop my head onto that guy's body and write a cool caption like, "Livin' the Dream!" and put in my office to inspire to write every day.

At 1:20 AM , Blogger najork said...

awesome clip about doyle. god, that guy is talented.


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