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Nov 1, 2007


Okay, so I just saw a story about John Mark Karr and the woman whose happily in love with him. It creeped me out big time. I nearly lost my lunch like the time when that over weight couple violently and passionately made out on the jumbotron at the Dodgers game (Hey, Frank McCourt way to challenge Artie Mureno on the quest to be the west coast version of the Yankees).

Any ways, ripping off Spencer Sloan, I'm going to do some posting over here for a minute or two.


At 9:39 PM , Blogger christat said...

can you talk about how piz from veronica mars is a serious photographer in real life? and despite him being kind of, sort of famous-ish (in some circles), he has a yahoo email address?

At 11:02 PM , Anonymous reezy said...

can we agree john mark karr looks like smog aka bill callahan?

At 5:01 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I've worked on movies and had access to such email addresses. Movie stars are like your grandparents. They have yahoo, hotmail and aol email addresses.

xpunkxchickx21@hotmail.com is more anonymous than say... avril@avrillavigne.com

All this coming from a guy with robin at robindavidbrown.com

At 4:29 PM , Blogger najork said...

Nice New Yorker profile last week of Coogan, including stuff about his collaboration with Larry David. Unfortunately, as usual, it's not online -- abstract is at http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/11/05/071105fa_fact_lahr .

At 7:14 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Nice to see Zodiac on your best films of 2007 list.

It was one of those movies that I saw in the theaters and I didn't want it to end. I just didn't want to leave.

At 11:17 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Bonham: Yeah, I loved Zodiac the first time I watched it, but I think I liked it even more when I checked it out on DVD a month or two. Everything is just spot on with that film.

Najork: The more exposure Coogan gets the better for people who like to laugh. Now only if we get this darn strike broken up.

Robin & Christa T: Robin's right. Famous people have regular e-mail address like you and me because at the heart of the matter, they are regular people like you and me except they get paid like 25 million for 3 to 4 months of work; plus points and residuals.

Reezy: Yes, you are correct, but a lot of, I mean a lot of those soft Indie Rock front men look pretty creepy. It's requirement, I believe. Like looking a heroin addict if you're an English band.

At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah true... only diffrence is some of those guys really are heroin addicts.

kudos on the zodiac love too. great film. that scene by the lake is on the most genuinely chilling things i've ever seen... amazing.

At 1:04 PM , Blogger The Love Collective said...


Just showing some love.


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